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About Us

The Little Love Boutique’s mission is to be the world’s favorite self-love brand offering a variety of lounge wear that can be dressed up or down. We ship shirts, sweatsuits, sweatshirts, hats, and accessories for men, women, and children worldwide. We will one day help to make psychotherapy free for all people around the world. Our customers value their own well-being, are either in need of healing, or working through it. Unlike your average clothing brand, we’ve set out to provide our customers with comfortable quality products that have been created with their well-being in mind. We are more than just an apparel company, we’re selling products that inspire you to take care of the little love that lives inside of you. 

  • Understanding Love

    How much do you really understand about love? Do you know what it really does to your body?

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  • Self-Love Affirmations

    Daily self-love affirmations you can say everyday to improve your mood and prepare you for the day.

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  • Seeking Validation

    Does the validation you seek in others mean you lack trust in your own decision making skills?

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