Love In and Of Itself

It has been scientifically proven that when we think of someone we love our brains are triggered to naturally release dopamine and oxytocin into our bodies. Love in it's purest form can be a beautiful and euphoric thing. We have been hardwired for love to foster our abilities to find someone to share our lives with. Love has enabled us the ability to endure hard situations in life by triggering responses within our body that allow us to sustain. 

The love of a child is an indescribable feeling. A mother's love for her child allows her to have the strength to push through sleep depravation and trying times throughout a child's early years. To have the ability to love another person is a joyous opportunity. The love for a significant other allows a person to compromise or surrender to self for the benefit of the other. Love honestly knows no bounds.  

Love in and of itself can take so many different forms of: Euphoria, Attachment, Jealousy, Security, Sacrifice, Obsession, Stress-Reliever the list can go on and on. Humans are fueled by love regardless of it's form. When we are entuned with our feelings. It makes it easier for us to identify when our love has been transcended into these different forms. We hear so many times, well I did that because " I love you." While some will say that's not what love looks like. Have we ever stopped to think of the small chance it could be for that individual? Even if we may not favor the form of love they are displaying.

We are all different and have had so many different experiences that shape our love to go in different directions. Sometimes we have to pour love into others the way we want to be loved. We all have to teach others to love us in the way that makes us happy. Parents can easily identify when they have multiple children the differences in personalities and preferences. Well love isn't to different. When you begin to gain an understanding of love, you quickly realize that the image of What Love Looks Like is for ever changing. 

Today we encourage to join the movement in gaining a better understanding of love to empower you to love others in the way that helps them to grow. With each sweatshirt we sell, we are able to continue the conversation about What Love Looks Like. Even if you aren't able to purchase a sweatshirt. We ask that you simply share our message with at least one other person today. The more conversations we have around love, the more we're able to spread it across the world. 

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