Seeking Validation

Have you ever heard someone make the statement that "they know me better than I know myself?" Most of us have heard it said in some of our favorite love songs. In all actuality - is it really possible for someone to know us better than we know ourselves. Let's just say it is possible, could that also mean in that same breath you've lost yourself in a way? 

Think about it, you are the only person in the world who is privy to all of your most intimate thoughts, fears, emotions, and feelings. While sitting in the command chair of all these various things that make you, you. If someone who doesn't hold that same information, knows you better than you know yourself. Hasn't something gone wrong? Have you set your life on auto pilot or just simply become oblivious to who you are and the state of your reality. 

Seeking validation in others can be a sign that you lack trust within yourself. Which sometimes is appropriate, no one is perfect. Absolutely no one can be right 100% of the time. So having people in your corner who's opinions you trust, makes sense. When you approach these times where you need to rely on the opinion of someone else. Is this also a sign that you have identified an area in your life where you lack.  Most people who want to keep their cars in their best condition, try to find out what the light means and why it's on. After understanding what the problem is. They either know how to fix the problem themselves or go to someone who can. Could it be possible that in those moments when we're going to someone else for their opinion - our bodies are actually signaling that something is wrong internally. That you are going to someone you trust because that area of your life needs attention in order to be fixed. Could it benefit you to invest a little time to look closer at the place of uncertainty. After examining this area where you don't have expertise in. It will only help you to grow by investing time into making yourself proficient in an area you were once deficit in. It's always nice to get a quick answer and keep things rolling. But you'll save a lot more time and develop more as a person when you no longer have to rely on others for that same area of deficiency.

Self-love means you're giving your body the things it needs to feel and be good. By improving the areas in life that aren't your strongest points. You can also improve your way of life. It could make understanding in areas where you weren't. Working on the things that we lack confidence in can boost our self-esteem in ways we've never imagined. We want to encourage you not to shy away from the things in life that are confusing, frustrating, or difficult. But instead learn more about those things and the reasons why they have caused the feelings of confusion, defeat, or you to stumble. In the words of a very smart man by the name of Sean Carter, you can't heal what you never reveal. Take the time to reveal the things that need healing. Be vulnerable with you! 

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