Daily Self-Love Affirmations

The mindset that you have can depict your future. The Little Love Boutique wants to offer you a tool of that can be used on the daily basis to improve your mindset and mental space. The following self-love affirmations can be used at any time of the day. You are meant to be happy and walk in your purpose. In order to walk in your purpose you have to embrace yourself. Feel free to say some of these affirmations aloud or just to yourself whenever you need a self-love pick me up! 

  • I am worthy to be loved.
  • I was put on this earth to walk in my purpose.
  • I will fulfill my purpose. 
  • I am able to give love.
  • I am able to receive love. 
  • I am uniquely made and hold a value more than what I understand. 
  • It is important to me to take care of myself.
  • My mental, emotional, and physical health allows me to do what I am meant to do. 
  • I will work to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.
  • I am amazing because I have a good heart. 
  • I am willing to be vulnerable to elevate myself to reach my full potential. 
  • The challenging times I've experienced are in preparation for my purpose. 
  • The love I have for myself allows me to give myself grace. 
  • The love I have for myself allows me to understand when I fall short of who I want to be is due to my lack of understanding and my humanity. 
  • No one is perfect I will make mistakes and learn from my mistakes.
  • I love who I am becoming.
  • I love the talent and gifts I possess within myself. 
  • I sometimes need time to recharge in order to do the things I am called to do. 
  • I enjoy spending quality time with myself to nurture who I am as a person. 
  • I accept who I am as a person. 
  • I am working on changing the things that I can make be a better person. 
  • I love myself and who I am today. 

Believe in you! Even if you may feel some of these affirmations aren't accurate. Today you have the power to make them accurate. We can't change our past. However, we are the authors of our future. How will you continue to write your story? 

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