Growing In Love

We want to dedicate this post to all of the couples in love and to those who are ready for a loving relationship! Growing in love to become one is a chance of a lifetime. When two people see the value of their partner, cherishing those values that make them special lays a foundation for love to take over.

Loving your partner in the way they need to be loved is a learning process. Before embarking on that process you must first have a very strong love for yourself. If you haven’t figured out how to love you, it’s impossible to expect someone else to accomplish that same task. I mean think about it, who else could love you better than you can?

Once you’ve mastered a love for self you’re then in a better place to discover what it means to love your partner in the manner they need to be loved to foster growth within your relationship. We all start out with good intentions. But we’re human, so the process tends to have hills and valleys. Sometimes it doesn’t feel comfortable to love your significant other the way they want to be loved because that isn’t your love language. Maybe the way that they need you to handle conflict resolution doesn’t match with what you prefer for conflict resolution. Growing in love allows both people to get to a place where they’re able to shift to what makes their partner most receptive. When you’re successfully growing in love you will be propelled to a place that enables you to die to self and put someone else before you. 

Growing in love allows you to cover your partner and your partner to cover you. The Little Love Boutique wants to bring awareness to the piece of the story our fairytales left out. How to actually live happily ever after. Growing in love makes the arguments less bitter and the special moments even sweeter. Loving your partner in the way they need to be loved when they’re falling short of who they are as a person helps them get back on track. We all need someone that has our backs good, bad, or indifferent! 

To all of you that have grabbed our Love Crewnecks tag us on Instagram and tell us what growing in love looks like for you and your significant other! 

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