Self Love The Total Package.

Doing all things through love can be difficult at times. Our lives are comprised of so many different people and situations. Irregardless of where you are in this journey called life - Or who you are for that matter. To continuously pour out love into everything you do can be depleting at times. 

The term "enclothed cognition" created by two psychologist named Adam Galinsky and Hajo Adam who introduced the idea that the clothes we wear have an actual impact on our psychological processes. With the world we live in today, wearing clothes that encourage the feelings and actions of love is truly a powerful opportunity to have. It is our belief as a brand, that love knows no bounds. 

Making the choice to love yourself through the clothing you choose to wear can have an impact on your overall day and decisions you make. We've all heard the terms "When you look good, you feel good." or "Make sure to dress the part." Well what does it look like to dress for doing all things through love? What does dressing for self love look like? 

As a brand we've set out to answer those very questions. What we've found, is it looks like you. It's creating thought provoking clothes that offer conversation starters. We've all heard of selfcare Sunday's. However, The Little Love Boutique wants to make selfcare everyday a thing. Through our clothes and accessories we hope to start conversations around the world about what love means to you. Whether it be a love of self, a love of others, or a love for humanity. Because truly without self love it is impossible to pour love into anything else. 

Children who have love ingrained into their foundations are like small tree's growing in the perfect habitat. We know that our products are more than just shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories. Children are quite inquisitive, the amount of selflove a child feels when their parent clothes them in a shirt that encourages them to love is powerful beyond measure. The adult that wears our clothes that is feeling the wait of the world is reminded that love is still there. Love is able to fuel us to do things beyond our wildest imaginations. Here at The Little Love Boutique we are starting a movement that we're prepared for everyone to join! 

Help us continue the conversation by thinking a little on how you can make selfcare everyday a reality! Are you ready to love yourself a little more? 

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