Why Is Self-Love Important?

Some people may deem self-love as a selfish thing to do. However, here at The Little Love Boutique we deem self-love a necessary thing to do. No matter your age, ethnicity, or gender self-love is necessary in order to live a good life. 

Self-love is subjective to the person partaking in it, so there isn't a set way to show yourself love. We try our best to provide examples or ideas via our social channels of ways to indulge in self-love. We want to get to a place where the community that we've created on all of our social channels feels comfortable sharing all of the different ways they self-love. 

But let's get back on topic, why is self-love important? If we've made the claim that self-love is just as necessary for a human being as water is then it holds a great level of importance. Self-love helps to ground you, it helps to refocus you on the path to your God given purpose. As humans we possess all of these different emotions and feelings that are sometimes hard to understand and control. By practicing self-love it allows you to become more aware and in tune with emotions and mental state of being. 

Life is a journey, on this journey in order to better understand who you are as a person you have to spend time understanding how do you like to be loved on. We come into this world as infants that grow into these huge adults. Similar to our physical sense our emotions, likes, dislikes, feelings, and thoughts grow as well. Practicing self-love is also a journey. Some people have the privilege of starting from a young age if they have parents who model and encourage different acts of self-love. Wether it be words of encouragement, daily affirmations, or simply allowing children to do various activities that make them happy. 

Growing up into the responsible adults that we've all like to feel we've become. We sometimes forget that are parents aren't there anymore to make the necessary provisions for us that allow time for self-love. And if we're being honest not all of us had parents that made those provisions. So it's even more important to learn how to love on yourself in a healthy way. The Little Love Boutique will dedicate its self to making an even bigger impact this year on helping others to understand the importance of self-love. 

Self-love is the act of you supplying yourself with your own happiness. It is very important to be happy. Yet also realistic to understand you won't be happy all the time. Life just isn't set up to be happy 24/7, unless you're a robot. Self-love means it's ok not to be happy sometimes and feel all of the different emotions that come along with life. Self-love is so important because it's the thing that won't allow you to stay unhappy. It is intentionally recharging your own battery. 

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