Staying in on Valentine's Day Guide

Between prices sky rocketing, the weather, and dodging all these different variants. Staying home this year for Valentine’s Day maybe the go too for a lot of couples. So we want to provide a few ideas to sweep your special someone off their feet. 


  • Red Roses: Stop at your local florist or grocery store. Giant is the local grocery store in our area that we highly recommend for their beautiful red roses. They normally have a small bouquet of roses for about $5.99 and the larger bouquets for $15.99. Grab a small bouquet to use for fresh rose petals throughout your home. Less is normally more when spreading these around the house. 
  • Music: Put together a 3 hour long playlist with some of your favorite slow jams. We recommend Frank Ocean, Drake, Al Green, D’Angelo, Bruno Mars, and Khalid.
  • Candles: Checkout your local Dollar Tree or Target for candles to set the mood. For those who have little ones feel free to wait to put these out after the kiddos have went to sleep for the night.Turn out the lights and place these around the house and bathroom. 
  • At Home Couples Photoshoot: Snag matching t-shirts from our Love Day Collection. Set the timer on your phone & grab some cute pictures with Bae. 
  • Dinner: Feel free to make your love a special dinner with some of their favorite foods. For those who aren’t chef’s stop by your local Long Horn Steakhouse to grab something tasty! Add that extra flare to your meal. If you opted for picking up your meal take the food out of those handy plastic containers and put it on some of your nicest china. My friends you now have a candle lit dinner. 
  • Massage: Give your love a massage they'll never forget. Grab your favorite massage oil, essential oils, and diffuser if you have one. If you have an oil diffuser we recommend adding a few drops of Chamomile to it. Chamomile helps with sleep and stress. No worries if you don't have a diffuser, simply apply a few drops to your hands with the massage oil and you'll get the same effect. 
  • Couples Bubble Bath: For all of our movie buffs, grab your iPad or laptop. Find a safe space to prop it up in your bathroom. Now find a great RomCom to play for your couples bubble bath. Your candles going with a great movie that will make you laugh and cry will end off your night perfectly. Oh we almost for got the bubbles! Don't forget to add either your favorite soap or bath bomb to the water as your bath begins to fill. We would recommend the Bath & Body Works - Spearmint Eucalyptus Body Wash & Bath Foam. The entire bathroom will smell amazing & you both will be super relaxed! 

Follow these steps for a beautiful Valentine's Day at home with you're special someone! Let us know if you guys are interested in a How To: Home Valentine's Day Photoshoot Guide

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