Connecting On A Deeper Level

Putting on your favorite sweatshirt gets skin deep with The Little Love Boutique! We've taken the time to find the highest quality of materials when it comes to our Fall in Love collection. When your skin kisses the cotton blend of our sweatshirts it's simply a moment of bliss. You'll enjoy the way your clothes feel and want to wear them over and over again. 

Be intentional when it comes to connecting with others and objects. Everything that activates your senses invokes some sort of reaction within. Invoke positivity, love, care, and pleasantries within yourself. We only get one chance at this thing called life. You are the epitome of love, peace, and happiness. You have the power to define your future. We're just here as a reminder. 

Creating clothes that foster these genuine human connections is our ultimate purpose. That feeling you get when you know you're wearing something that has been made uniquely for you, that allows you to express yourself in ways you never thought. Is why we are here. 

Our skin is what protects our soul and bodies. We want to offer something creating in fun, love, and positivity to offer a extra layer of protection. 

Make a statement with us today! Stand with us hand in hand in love! Check out our Fall In Love collection now. 

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Send information about your boutique. I live in the complex Carefree Senior Living, 5601 Natomas Blvd., Apt 3302, Sacramento, Ca. 95835
I love your business idea. Hope to learn more from an email. Please send all info you can to my email or even better a text message or phone call to 1-805-451-0333. Include directions from my home please. Or is your business on line only?

Julia Katherine Bond

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